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Comprehensive Family Dentistry
Health and Wellness

Everything in your body is interrelated and you can gain better control over how your body feels. By looking at the functionality of your teeth, what you eat, how well you sleep and what pain you might be experiencing, our professionals can work with your primary doctor to get you on a path to better overall health and higher energy.

Thorough diagnostic evaluations are performed regularly during your care to monitor your progress, allowing your health care provider to adjust treatment to achieve your optimal outcome. A treatment plan is developed specifically for you and may include changes to your diet, an oral appliance to resolve your sleep issues, or myofascial release to get your body moving with better fluidity and less pain.

Please join us at MyoTech Dental and Integrative Health Center so we may begin your journey from ill health to wellness. Let us be your guides and mentors so you will emerge with a new approach to health and a regained vitality.